About the Sauce

Tickle your senses with TICKLE SAUCE created by heat-loving New Orleanian and long-time Brooklynite, Heidi Tickle.  The sauces were inspired by a family recipe and made with care in small batches at Beth’s Farm Kitchen in New York’s Hudson Valley.  The all-purpose sauces began with a traditional roux, added a holy trinity of onions, green onions and garlic and finished with hand-picked habanero peppers and other spices to make-you-wanna-pour-it-on-everything.

We hope you have loved it as much as we do!  Thanks to everyone for their support over the years.

As of July 25, 2013, we are no longer selling sauce products.  We have made a career move outside of the New York area and will be unable to sustain this business as a result.  This site will be retained for communication such as our blog.


ORIGINAL – Habanero Hot Tickle Sauce - This was our original sauce, our hottest and forms the basis for our line of products.  We created a tomato-based habanero hot sauce with simple ingredients sourced as much from local Hudson Valley farms as possible.  We like to think of it as hot yet flavorful.  There was no salt or sugar added to this product..

Our Newest – Hot ‘n Sweet Tickle Sauce Mustard – We took our sauce in a new direction and created the best hot mustard on the planet with this concoction.  This was our only sauce that contains sugar; but, we took care to exclude gluten.  None of the ingredients used to make this product contained gluten.  And, it was absolutely mouth-watering delicious.

Medium Tickle Sauce – This sauce was very much like our original with one exception: we cranked up the garlic and ever so slightly lowered the heat for our most flavorful sauce yet.  This one sold out in its first weekend at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s Chile Pepper Fiesta!  So, we made more.

Suggested Uses

  • Try it on your scrambled eggs in lieu of ketchup (we call this “Tickled Eggs”)
  • Spicy aioli for slammin’ sandwich spread
  • Perfect marinade for veggies, meats or fish
  • Kickin’ zesty tomato sauce for pasta dishes or Bloody Mary mix
  • Zing when added to cheese and crackers
  • Add horseradish to Tickle Sauce for the best cocktail sauce you’ve ever had for dipping shrimp


 About the Founders

Heidi Tickle and Sari Surkis were the founders of Tickle Sauce. They started making the sauce and trying to perfect the recipe back in the fall of 2004. Coworkers and friends used to ask, “When are you making more of that Tickle Sauce?” And, so began the birth of the sauce and the start of a fan base for our creation.

Heidi Tickle was born and raised in New Orleans, where she grew up cooking with her mother and grandmother (affectionately known as Grand Mere). Heidi attended St. Mary’s Dominican High School before graduating with Bachelor of Arts and Master of Education degrees from Ole Miss. The opportunity to move to New York came in the summer of 1998 and was the best career move she could have made. Heidi has had the good fortune of establishing a long-term career within Financial Services, where she has gained both strong management skills and developed the fortitude to establish this personally driven company with her partner, Sari.  Most recently, Heidi took her cooking hobby to a new level and expanded her knowledge as an honor’s student at the International Culinary Center (a.k.a., French Culinary Institute), where she graduated class valedictorian.

Sari Surkis was raised in Suffolk County on Long Island, where she thrived in team sports with a love for soccer. Since 1999, Sari has been a resident of Brooklyn. Sari graduated from Pace University, where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, from University of Phoenix, where she received a Master’s degree in International Project Management, and from Hunter College, where she received a Master of Social Work degree. Sari is a licensed professional Social Worker (LMSW) in Brooklyn, where she is an individual therapist and case manager.